Wear your eco credentials . . .

At last - a frame manufacturer that cares about our environment . . .

As soon as we saw the new range of ECO frames from renowned frame company MODO we knew they were something very special; 

The tactile feel of the frames was very different, the colours vibrant but at the same time restrained and their eco credentials . . .


Their bio based frames are crafted using castor seed oil not petroleum based polymers along with recycled metal components - making them lightweight, comfortable – and sustainable.

Sun protection comes as standard . . .

The other feature that really grabbed our attention was the inclusion of a matching magnetic clip-on that not only truly compliments the frame but turns your optical glasses into fully polarised sunglasses.


The combination of frame material, colour ranges, magnetic clip-on and eco credentials has meant we are rolling out ECO frames to all our practices as quick as we can . . .



Finally it's worth mentioning that every time we order an ECO frame, MODO plant a new tree and so far they've planted more than 2 million worldwide.



A new tree for every frame sold . . .

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