Excellent vision only comes from the right lenses . . .

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Dispensing Optician

Lets talk about you

Understanding why, when and where you feel the need to wear glasses helps us recommend the right lenses. That's why we will always recommend the most appropriate lens type, design, material, thickness, coating and treatment for you.  

Not all lenses are the same and neither are you . . .

There's often a regrettable urge to source the lowest price  lenses without full consideration as to how they are made, from what material and the type and quality of coatings used.
We hope you'll find this guide useful. However it's important to put it in context - only a qualified Dispensing Optician has the training and experitise to best advise you on the right lens options and coatings to fully meet your vision requirements. 

Advanced measuring systems

With lens technology advancing so quickly there's an increasing requirement for more detailed measurements. Our range of digital dispensing systems allow us to increase the accuracy of each measurement from the traditional half a millimetre to a tenth of a millimetre. Digital frame fitting measurements also help us to further personalise the design of your lenses, especially important with our range of freeform varifocals. New emerging technologies will soon  allow us to also study and measure your eye movements, dominant eye and field-of-view requirements when reading, helping us to  better understand the design of lens best suited for you.

Introducing a new toy at our Crownhill Practice. This state-of-the-art measuring system allows us to evaluate and measure up to twenty different anatomical and facial features. 

The data can be used to personalise our latest ranges of advanced lenses; providing improved performance with vision that feels more natural.

Superior lens coatings

Discussing your lifestyle helps us recommend the most appropriate lens coating for unrivalled reflection-free clarity, reduced glare and a better all-round visual experience. Our range of advanced coatings feature many layers, precision applied using the latest vacuum chamber technology. Specifications can include: Hydrophobic and oleophobic repellence, anti-static, broadband reflection-free, scratch and abrasion resistance, UV and blue light block and a vast array of other specialist filters.

Two or three gaurantee with premium coated lenses including: Two year cover for accidental scratches. T&C's apply.

Thinner flatter lenses

With higher prescriptions normally come thicker lenses. However, with very careful frame selection and a pair of our thinner flatter lenses, the extra thickness can easily be controlled. Our high index lenses can also provide an improved field of vision and always come with a premium, high quality reflection-free, scratch resistant coating as standard.

Lenses for light protection . . .

Clear lenses with UV protection

Until recently acquiring full UV protection in your glasses required a a tinted lens. We now offer several coating technologies that combine 100% protection from harmful UV along with the latest reflection-free, scratch-resistant coatings, in a virtually clear lens.

Blue light filters

In recent years evidence has begun to point towards a link between excessive exposure to certain frequencies of blue light and a suppression in our ability to produce melatonin, the hormone associated with making us sleepy. Although the available evidence is still up for discussion, we now offer several lens products that combine high quality reflection-free coating with a blue block filter.

Lenses for drivers . . .

Glare reduction when driving

Reducing the glare when driving, especially at night is often top  on the requirements list for many clients. By combining the latest reflection-free coatings with advanced filter technology, our EnRoute and EnRoute Pro lenses can dramatically improve your night time driving experience.

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Adapting to light behind the wheel

Our range of enhanced light reactive lenses offer a solution for drivers that find their normal reactive lenses don't respond as well whilst driving. By including an element that reacts to all visible light, not just sunlight, you'll quickly discover a lens that works nearly as well behind the wheel and it does when you're outside.  


Lenses for sun protection . . .

Full sun protection

When you need a bit more protection from the intensity of reflected light on wet road surfaces, on water or on snow, you'll benefit greatly from a polarised sunglass lens. Our range of lenses include 100% protection from harmful UV and for even more demanding environments, try our polarised Zeiss Skylet lenses that include high-contrast enhancement filters.

Adapting to light conditions

For convenience it's sometimes nice to have one pair of glasses for everything. Our range of light reactive lenses offer just this: clear at night-time and a dark tint in bright sunlight. Best of all, because they are always adapting to the level of light around you, you won't notice the depth of tint constantly changing to provide comfortable vision in all lighting conditions.

Adapting to light - in style

From the makers of Transitions comes a new range of light reactive lenses in amazing new colours. Choose your ideal frame and then select one of the new Transitions Style Colors; emerald, sapphire, amethyst or amber to truly compliment the frame colour and add some style to your new eyewear.

Mirror sunglass lenses

For the ultimate statement and improved extreme sun protection we offer a wide range of mirror coated lenses. When combined with a full sunglass tint or polarising lens and 100% protection from harmful UV, mirror coated lenses substantually reduce the effects of extreme brightness from reflected light. Choose a classic aviator look or maybe one of our stunning electric blues and make your sun protection really stand out.

Lenses for a modern world . . .

Controlling eye fatigue 

Even if you're not old enough to yet require reading glasses, the incredible demands placed on your visual system when using computers, tablets and smart phones can lead to considerable eye fatigue. Our range of anti-fatigue lenses help your eyes adapt to these demands by providing some gentle magnification for close and intermediate work. 

Enhanced reading lenses

With the modern demands of needing to read from smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and see clearly during meetings, one prescription for close-up work is simply no longer enough. Our range of enhanced reading lenses offer you the flexibility to read close-up but also see clearly beyond arms lenght. Through our simple visual task analysis we'll determine the ideal zones of clear vision you require for close and middle distance and incorporate these into a lens that's far far better than your old reading glasses. 

Visual task analysis -

let's discover what you really need . . .

With such complex work, home and leisure lifestyles, it's not always easy to grasp what type of glasses are best. That is, not unless the full spectrum of activities, requirements and your expectations are fully considered. Our qualified Dispensing Opticians will often carry out a visual task analysis; discussing and breaking down each activity and evaluating the best options. By doing this, we can then recommend a solution that actually works for you. 

Varifocal lenses . . .

Not all varifocal lenses are the same

There's a common misperception that one varifocal lens is just the same as another and it's true they all appear to do basically the same thing; providing long distance, intermediate and close-up vision in one lens, but how they achieve this and whether you'll find they work perfectly from day one differs considerably.
By combining the latest digital manufacturing technologies with computer-aided design, the latest "freeform" digital varifocal lenses bare little resemblance to older lens designs, even from just five years ago. Our range of varifocal lenses offer varying degrees of personalisation to create the widest fields of vision, reduced blur and far easier adaption. 

Tailored just for you

Our range of varifocal lenses offer varying degrees of personalisation taking into account: you prescription, frame sizing, frame profile, your facial measurements, visual profiling and even your lifestyle. With modern digital manufacturing technologies this means your lenses are tailored to exactly suit every facet of your vision requirements; resulting in a pair of varifocal glasses the easily outperform older and more traditionally made varifocals. 

Why would we ask you to choose ?

Part of the reason you choose to visit an Optician is to receive the very best advice regarding the most appropriate lenses for your prescription, lifestyle and your frame, which is why we like to spend time with you, discussing all the possible options. We won't be asking you to simply choose option A, B or C. Instead, our qualified Dispensing Opticians will offer recommendations based on their experience and discussions with you, before taking detailed measurements for your new varifocal glasses.

Peace of mind with our 90 day exchange guarantee . . . 

Visual system sensitivity is incredibly difficult to evaluate, so on rare occasions when a varifocal wearer is struggling to adapt to their first pair or maybe a change in lens design - there's no need to worry . . .
We'll exchange them for an alternative option within the first 90 days.

outstanding iris membership

Included with all our contact lenses and optional for glasses only wearers, our unique Iris membership saves you money on the eyewear you love, covers your appointments, allows you to spread-the-cost, interest free, provides eyewear cover and host of other great benefits, only available from us. 

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