Matching you lifestyle . . .

Are your glasses actually fulfilling all your vision requirements?

It truly astonishing just how many of our new patients expect to be simply told their glasses need updating. No one has ever enquired as to whether their glasses actually meet all their vision requirements. This especially appears to be the case for some varifocal wearers; believing their glasses can and should do everything when in reality, their work or leisure activities necessitate the need for other dedicated glasses.

Visual task analysis

At each of our practices you'll discover one of our Qualified Dispensing Opticians. They are clinically trained to degree level on all things glasses related including diagnosing your eyewear requirements and recommending solutions to meet all your vision requirements.

The first stage in this process is to carry out a thorough visual task analysis by asking quite a few questions:


  • Looking at how you use your current glasses and if there are times when they don't provide the kind of vision correction you expected.

  • Looking at your work environment, how you use computers, the kind of work you use them for, working distances, how intensely you work on them and even lighting conditions in your office.

  • You home environment, hobbies, sports and other activities.

  • How you cope with bright sunlight, road dazzle, night driving and glare off the sea or snow.


The goal is to fully understand how your eyewear interacts and enhances every aspect of your lifestyle so that we offer the right solutions that fully meet all your vision requirements.

Using technology

One area we are investing heavily in is in the use of modern technology to enhance our evaluation of your visual system performance and measurements.


Our Crownhill practice is currently taking part in a trial of the new Visio System. Not only can we take facial measurements to within 0.1mm but also evaluate up to twenty different facial and visual characturistics; the measurement being used for ordering some the most advanced lens options currently available.


We also use tablet devices for measurements and lifestyle assessments as part of our dispensing process.

Styling consultation

Understandably, for many of our patients, the big decision is always about frame choice. What shape? What size? What colour? What's the difference between these two frames? Which one will be more comfortable? 


So many questions . . . so it's fortunate that our Qualified Dispensing Opticians are well equipped to assist with frame selection. There's a common understanding in our profession that most experienced Dispensing Opticians are always drawn to peoples noses first, even outside work, and there's a very good reason for this; it's the first place we start at when considering a suitable frame because it's the most important aspect to achieving a comfortable fit. 


We'll also look at your facial shape, how you wear your hair, facial features and discuss colours. We'll initially offer you suitable frame styles and types and begin to narrow down the type, size and fit of frame whilst constantly listening to your feedback and comments. 


Some of you will already have very good idea of what you would like whilst others require a little more time, reassurance and guidance so we never rush you. Throughout the process we will always strive to provide honest feedback and guidance so you hopefully end up with the most comfortable glasses you've ever worn and a look that fills you with confidence.

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