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Understanding why, when and where you feel the need for sun protection helps us recommend the most appropriate sunglasses, so be prepared for a nice relaxed chat about you and your vision . . .

Finding the perfect sunglasses

Everyone wants to look their best so we always personally guide you through the process of selecting a suitable pair of sunglasses by offering impartial advice on:


  • The best shape, design, colour and size for you

  • The best sunglass lens options for your lifestyle requirements

  • Selecting the most comfortable frame

  • Suitability for your prescription, if you require one

  • Durability based on how often you will wear them

  • Pricing 

Styling advice comes as standard . . .

In-House prescription

You'll find a wide range of in-house sunglass models available at our practices, all available with your prescription and 100% protection from harmful UV. We'll help you choose the right style and discuss your lens options including: single vision, bifocal and varifocals.


FREE second pair of lenses

If you're ordering normal glasses then why not use this offer to also get £80 off a pair of prescription sunglasses.


Sunglasses for children

Because young eyes are still developing we advise you consider appropriate sun protection, not only for their delicate skin, but also for their eyes, especially when going on holiday to sunny destinations.


Our junior sunglasses provide 100% protection from harmful UV, reduce unwanted glare and they look pretty cool too . . .


FREE second pair of lenses - if you're ordering normal glasses then why not use this offer to get them a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Upgrade for enhanced vision

When you need a bit more protection from the intensity of reflected light on wet road surfaces, on water or on snow, you'll benefit greatly from a polarised sunglass lens. Our range of polarising sunglasses lenses include 100% protection from harmful UV and for even more demanding environments, try our polarised Zeiss Skylet lenses that include high-contrast enhancement filters.

Create your own sunglasses . . .

With our fantastic range of mirror coatings you can now create your own unique sunglasses . . .
  1. Choose your frame
  2. Choose your background tint
  3. Choose your mirror top coat from our stunning range of colours
  • Includes your prescription
  • Includes 100% protection from harmful UV

Designer sunglasses . . .

Ray-Ban are the best selling sunglasses in the world. There is simply nothing like a pair of iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses. Available in ranges for women and men, with enduring retro styles sitting alongside chic, contemporary models.
Available at Saltash
Available with your prescription

Undeniable luxury

Available at Plympton and Callington
Available with your prescription

When you want improved performance . . .

Available with your prescription
Enhanced with photochromic technology, Serengeti sunglass lenses adjust in color based on the level of UV light. Their Polar PhD Drivers lenses are engineered for more pronounced colors and contrast to relax eye muscles when driving. The shiny brown frames wrap around the photochromic lenses for an ultra-lightweight, stylish and sophisticated look.
Available at Saltash
Available with your prescription
Available at Saltash

Probably the most advanced eye protection you can wear. With High Definition Optics®, their renowned Iridium® coating and tint technology, the incredible durability of their Q-Matter frame materials and the UV400 impact resistant Plutonite® lenses, you'll know you are wearing something really special.


Most of our models are available with your prescription, as either single vision or True Digital Sport varifocals.

Premium prescription

Explore the incredible contrast enhancement available with Oakley Prizm® lenses.
Click to enlarge the examples . . .

Premium prescription

Until you've looked through a pair of Maui-Jim premium sunglasses you really can't appreciate just how good the incredible colour and contrast enhancement is. This is achieved by combining key ingredients such as polarising, contract enhancement, back surface reflection-free coating and internal bi-gradient mirroring. The result is a range of contemporary sunglasses available off-the-shelf, with your distance prescription or with a modern varifocal lens, in a choice of four lens types to suit just about all tastes.

Maui-Jim lens options -available off-the-shelf, distance or varifocals in most models
Neutral Grey

High light reduction for direct sunlight

HCL Bronze

Everyday contrast for variable conditions

Maui Rose

High contrast for fast moving sports

Available with your prescription
Maui HT

Lighter tint if you don't like dark lenses

Available at Crownhill, Ivybridge and Callington

outstanding iris membership

Included with all our contact lenses and optional for glasses only wearers, our unique Iris membership saves you money on the eyewear you love, covers your appointments, allows you to spread-the-cost, interest free, provides eyewear cover and host of other great benefits, only available from us. 

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