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Local Independent Opticians in Plymouth, South West Devon and Cornwall since 1979

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Welcome to one of the West Country's leading local Independent Opticians.

. . . exceptional optometry

Reaching new heights with our gold-standard enhanced eye examination . . .  

  • Longer appointment times

  • Enhanced screening

  • Optical CT scan

  • Retinal photography

  • Time to fully discuss your results

  • Wide range of specialist Optometry services

  • Private and NHS

Exceptional Optometry at NHK Opticians

"Excellent customer service throughout. Extremely thorough examination process which highlighted issues that were life threatening. Backed up by knowledgeable staff" C Wheetman

Exceptional lenses at NHK Opticians

. . . exceptional lenses

High-performance lenses designed to adapt to and meet the demands of modern life . . .  

  • Personalised varifocals

  • Multi-task lenses

  • Eyestrain reduction lenses

  • Driving lenses for glare reduction

  • Myopia control

  • Premium multi-layer coating technology

  • Ultra light-weight, thin lenses

"An extremely well informed, wise team of staff. Well supported by all the latest technology. Strongly recommended" G Butcher

. . . exceptional innovations

Myopia control at NHK Opticians

The first spectacle lens designed to slow the progression of short-sightedness . . .

OCT at NHK Opticians

Early diagnosis made possible with an optical CT scan . . .

Eyezen at NHK Opticians

Lenses for the modern age designed to reduce eyestrain from digital screens . . .

Introducing the revolutionary Transitions Extra Active Polarised lens . . .

"Very well organised and bang on time with my appointment. Had the eye health check done too for peace of mind. Great consultation and was given an honest result of my sight. Was not pressured to purchase today, so can work my finances. Very impressed with all the staff, who were polite and pleasant and understanding of my poor health. Would recommend this opticians very highly" G Forsyth

. . . exceptional eyewear

Desirable, high-quality frames built to last and designed to fit you perfectly  . . .  

  • Premium designers

  • Ecologically sustainable

  • British brands

  • Pure titanium

  • Ultra light rimless

  • Artisan hand made

  • Superior affordable quality 

Exceptional eyewear at NHK Opticians




Alexander McQueen






kate spade





Calvin Klein








ECO Eyewear




Johann von Goisern

Hans Stepper



"My visit to this optician was quite excellent. From my telephone call to requesting an appointment to getting my eyes tested, everyone was helpful friendly and efficient. Would definitely recommend them to anyone" R C

Exceptional sunglasses at NHK Opticians

. . . exceptional protection

Desirable, high-performance sunglasses designed to provide the ultimate protection  . . .  

  • Premium brands

  • Advanced lens technology

  • Superior materials

  • Tailored filter options

  • Include your prescription

  • Fashion mirror coating

  • High quality frames

"Excellent service, very professional and friendly, always have complete confidence in advice given" N Packman

. . . exceptional comfort

Discover visual freedom with contact lenses
that fit you perfectly . . .

  • Daily disposable

  • Monthly replacement

  • Reading freedom with our Varifocal lenses

  • Myopia control and OrthoK

  • Traditional gas permeable 

  • Advanced cleansing solutions

  • Flexible payment options

Exceptional contact lenses at NHK Opticians

. . . exceptional offers

Great deals that mean you can have the eyewear you really require . . .

  • Free 2nd pair of multi-task lenses when you purchase complete new premium varificals.

  • Save up to 80% on a 2nd pair of premium varifocals when you purchase a complete new pair of premium varifocals

  • Free 2nd pair of single vision lenses when you purchase a complete new pair of glasses

  • £50 off Enroute glare reduction driving lenses

  • Free 2nd pair of lenses for children

Exceptional offers at NHK Opticians

"I love that all the staff go above and beyond for you. From getting a pair of glasses made and fitted in a short amount of time or keeping up with new technology to help improve my vision despite my condition. They really care about you" L Asquith

. . . exceptional membership

Membership that makes your visit a breeze . . .

  • Up to 30% off your eyewear

  • Appointment fees covered

  • Comprehensive Eyewear Cover

  • Spread the cost - Interest free

  • Contact lens visits covered

  • One simple monthly payment 

Exceptional membership at NHK Opticians

. . . exceptional service

Our promise

We will always deliver an outstanding experience, ensuring your are always delighted with:

  • How special we make you feel

  • How comfortable your glasses or contact lenses are

  • How well you can see with them

  • How you look in your new glasses

  • How well they suit your lifestyle

100% Guarantee If you're not entirely delighted, talk to us . . .

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