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Contact Lenses at NHK Opticians
Contact Lenses

The widest range of lens options to ensure ultimate comfort . . .

Whole-of-market approach . . .

We've all been to a budget supermarket for a jar of coffee and found only a couple of options on the shelf - a stark difference to the more up-market retailers with half an aisle devoted to coffee. Having just a few options is fine if you're on a budget or happen to like what they stock however, if you have special requirements, you're unlikely to be satisfied. Exactly the same analogy applies to contact lenses. We hear from so many patients who've put up with poor fitting lenses, reduced wearing times or even found their lenses seem to change from batch to batch.  

As independent Opticians, we choose a "whole-of-market" approach to fitting and supplying contact lenses, in that if it's available, we can and will fit and supply them . . .

How does this benefit our contact lens wearers? Quite simply it means, our Optometrists are always free to recommend the perfect lens for the most comfortable fit, longest possible wear time and the best possible vision.

Contact Lenses at NHK Opticians
Available lens types . . .

Our available contact lenses broadly fall into the following types:

Daily disposable


Astigmatic (Toric)


Myopia control


Monthly disposable


Astigmatic (Toric)


Multifocal toric

Myopia control


Extended wear


Soft (high & unusual prescriptions)

Gas permeable

EyeDream OrthoK




Membership included . . .

All our contact lenses come with inclusive membership. Benefit from never paying for your annual aftercare visits or Eye Examinations. Enjoy up to 30% off daily disposable lenses and 50% accidental damage cover on all durable contact lenses. Add your lens and solution charges to your membership for one simple monthly payment. Plus save up to 30% on back up glasses and sunglasses and our unique comprehensive eyewear cover . . .

Membership at NHK Opticians
What about online? . . .

As you can imagine, we're very sceptical and it's not just about loosing custom. We see so many patients, in for emergency visits with contact lens related problems due to wearing inappropriate lenses purchased online. Some are even buying whatever is on special offer that month and then wondering why they can't wear them for the whole day or end up with one eye infection after another. UK law dictates that the supplier of contact lenses has a duty of care if things go wrong and yet online retailers cannot possibly provide this, so the wearer ends up paying every time there's a problem, or occasionally, has to stop wearing lenses altogether.

When you purchase contact lenses from the Optician who fitted them, you know you're covered for aftercare visits, covered if something goes wrong and you're far more likely to be consistently wearing bonafide, guaranteed contact lenses that provide maximum comfort, the longest daily wear time and clearest possible vision.

We offer a lot more . . .

Try contact lenses at NHK Opticians
First time contact lenses

Everything you'll need to start wearing contact lenses including: initial suitability assessment, fitting, tuition, aftercare visit, initial lenses and solutions.
Our trials are designed to find the perfect lens for you and there's just one simple upfront fee.

Natural cleaning

Our Alvera cleaning solutions are derived from a unique aloe vera concentration that helps to protect your cornea. It also improves your ocular hygiene by reducing the build of harmful lipids. We've tried just about every cleaning solution on the market and reckon this is one of the best.

Multifocal contact lenses at NHK Opticians
Wearing reading glasses?

No problem! We supply and fit a range of daily and monthly soft multifocal contact lenses that provide you with distance and near vision. With advances in lens materials, our latest lenses are far less likely to dry out; providing you with comfortable all-day vision correction without glasses.

EyeDream OrthoK at NHK Opticians
Eyedream OrthoK

Ever dreamt of having clear vision without the need to wear lenses or glasses during the day? Now you can with our advanced EyeDream OrthoK vision therapy. By mapping the surface of your eye using Corneal Topography, a unique Orthokeratology contact lens is manufactured just for you. You only have to wear the lenses while  sleeping, during which time the power of your cornea is gently altered. Once you remove them in the morning your vision is effectively normal during the day. EyeDream Vision Therapy is available for adults and children, but only if you're short sighted.

Contact lenses and children

Our first-time contact trials are gentle and include everything required to get them started. We first start with a suitability assessment to ensure younger wearers are suitable and able to wear lenses.
We generally recommend daily disposable lenses as they require no cleaning and are ideal for activities like sport.

Contact Lenses for children ata NHK Opticians
Myopia Control at NHK Opticians
Myopia control

Short-sight or myopia can start at around 6 - 13 years of age and continue to get progressively worse until they stop growing. Our myopia control contact lenses can help to slow its progress. For more information speak to one of our accredited Opticians when you child next attends an appointment with us.

Keratoconus lenses

Controlling the progression of keratoconus is vital if sufferers are to retain a reasonable quality of vision.
We supply and fit a wide range of specialist lenses design to slow the development of this condition.

Keratoconus lenses at NHK Opticians
Chromagen at NHK Opticians

ChromaGen tinted contact lenses change the level of coloured light entering the eyes. They can be used to enhance or alter colour perception for people who are colour blind. They can also be used to help with Meares-Irlen Syndrome (scotopic sensitivity syndrome). See Colorimetry.

Gas permeable

Despite many of the larger optical outlets shying away from gas permeable lenses, we still love them.
We supply and fit a huge range and are more than happy to match what you've been wearing before.

Unusual prescriptions

We often hear from patients that have been told "their prescription is not suitable" when in reality there are lenses available for their prescription. If this has happened to you - come and have a chat with us . . .

Contact Lenses at NHK Opticians
Lenses for sport

When your prescription gets in the way of your sport, contact lenses are the ideal solution. Say no to those sports goggles and regain your natural peripheral vision. We recommend daily lenses; pop them in before the game, no solutions and discard at the end of the day.

The world's first contact lens that reacts to sunlight

Introducing the first transitions contact lens with 
light Intelligent technology. The contact lens seamlessly adapts to changing light conditions quickly and seamlessly. This helps your vision adapt to the amount of indoor and outdoor light entering the eye.
It will be very interesting to see how our early adopters get on with their transitions contact lenses.

And don't forget . . .

All our contact lenses come with our unique membership included . . .

Membership at NHK Opticians
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