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Glaucoma Screening at NHK Opticians
Glaucoma Screening

The convenience of having your annual NHS-funded glaucoma screening at a local practice . . .

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible sight-loss in the world. Many patients with glaucoma have little or no symptoms early in the course of the disease, given the often slow progression of the condition. Regular screening is therefore essential to minimise the risk of sight loss.

There are two glaucoma related NHS services available from us . . .

Eye Examinations at NHK Opticians
Regular Eye Examinations

If you are considered to be at higher risk of developing glaucoma, the NHS provide for regular Eye Examinations. Higher risk groups include those with an immediate family member that has been diagnosed with glaucoma.

Glaucoma Screening at NHK Opticians
Regular Glaucoma Screening

If you have already been diagnosed with glaucoma, the NHS provide regular screening appointments to monitor the progress of the disease. We also carry out more in-depth screening on behalf of the Royal Eye Infirmary, avoiding the need to go to Derriford. 

You will normally be contacted by us, once we have been notified that your screening appointment is due.

At NHK Opticians we offer two types of glaucoma screening appointment . . .

Field of Vision Assessments at NHK Opticians
NHS Glaucoma Screening

A routine NHS screening appointment that includes a field of vision assessment and digital retinal photography.

You will probably need to have eye drops put in prior to the assessment, so you should not drive to this appointment.

Ocular CT Scans at NHK Opticians
Royal Eye Infirmary Glaucoma Screening

This is a more advanced glaucoma screening appointment that we carry out on behalf of the hospital and includes an Optical CT Scan and more in-depth examination.

You will probably need to have eye drops put in prior to the assessment, so you should not drive to this appointment.

The Royal Eye Infirmary at Derriford and local GP practices DO NOT carry out glaucoma screening appointments.

Enhanced Eye Exam at NHK Opticiansited_edited.jpg
Early detection . . .

It is also worth noting that we now offer a number of advanced scanning and assessment technologies that can detect the very early signs of Glaucoma. If you're booking in for a routine Eye Examination, consider upgrading to our Enhanced Eye Exam . . .

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