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exceptional myopia control

Although myopia (short or nearsightedness) is very common, the pace of increase in myopia, especially in children and young adults can present concern. Until more recently, the options for slowing it's progression were limited and there was much discussion about whether it could ever be stopped. We are learning more all the time and now know that a cure is very unlikely, however there are a number of therapies now available that can slow it's progression. 

why might I need this?

Progressive myopia is a condition that can lead to potentially serious vision problems.

Progression of myopia usually occurs during childhood but can continue into early adult years. Typically, the worsening shortsightedness is caused by continuing elongation of the eyeball. The underlying cause of this and why some shortsighted individuals develop high myopia and others do not is still not fully understood.

MiyoSmart spectacle lenses

MiyoSmart is a new innovative spectacle lens developed by Hoya. Based on a two-year clinical trial results, MiyoSmart has been proven to curb myopia progression in children on average by 60% with its award-winning D.I.M.S. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology.

eyedream orthok

Orthokeratology (OrthoK) lenses are worn during sleep and gently reshape the cornea to correct their prescription. This provides the added benefit of being able to see clearly without the need for glasses or contact lenses during the day. Evidence suggests that children who wear orthok lenses for several years can curb their myopia progression by between 40 - 60%.

what is Ortho-K?

We hope you find this short video informative . . .

MiSight daily contact lenses

MiSight are daily contact lenses developed using a
type of centre-distance varifocal design. Over a three-year study of children aged eight to fifteen, the majority of parents said their children were happy with the
experience. The study was found to curb myopia progression by between 40 - 60%.

If your Optometrist is concerned about an increase in your child's myopia, you will be able to discuss the various options with them at the initial appointment. 

How do I proceed with myopia control for my child?

An up-to-date prescription is the first step and for continuity, we would prefer you attended an Eye Examination at one of our practices, prior to considering myopia control.

MiyoSmart glasses can normally be ordered immediately after the appointment with one of our accredited Dispensing Opticians . For MiSight daily contact lenses a second initial privately funded fitting appointment is required with either your Optometrist or our contact lens specialist. For OrthoK a second appointment for initial corneal topography will then be followed by a third fitting appointment. All our myopia control options require regular follow-up visits.

So, which option is better for my child?

For younger children the best option is often just regular monitoring of their prescription, although MiyoSmart glasses can be tried. These can help with an initial rise in shortsightedness and are easy to get used to. For slightly older children - MiyoSmart glasses or for those who demonstrate a mature nature, MiSight daily contacts lenses, are both convenient ways to help slow the progression of myopia. For some, a combination of MiSight daily contact lenses with backup MiyoSmart glasses offers the best solution as it reduces the risk of over wearing their contact lenses. OrthoK, although very effective, can initially be quite challenging and is best suited to older children and young adults. 

The charges and fees for all of our myopia control options can be incorporated into our Iris Membership.

exceptional iris membership

Included with our myopia control options is our unique Iris membership; saving you up to 30% on eyewear, covering appointments and aftercare visits, providing eyewear cover and host of other great benefits, only available from us.