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Who doesn't want to look amazing in their new eyewear? and this is why we always guide you through the frame selection process.

You'll receive one-to-one impartial advice on the ideal shape, design, size and colour of frame that best suits your natural features. Together we'll discover which frames provide ultimate comfort while also being suitable for your prescription and lifestyle.

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eyewear with eco credentials

Our bio-based ECO eyewear is crafted using castor seed oil not petroleum based polymers along with recycled metal components - making them lightweight, comfortable and sustainable. Each frame is accompanied by a matching magnetic polarised sun attachment.

Plus - ECO plant a new tree for every frame we dispense.

Kate Spade at NHK Opticians
Kate Spade at NHK Opticians
Joules Eyewear at NHK Opticians

joules - british designed

Inspired by the great British countryside, Joules brings their distinctive love of floral patterns to an eyewear range that's sure to delight admirers of the Joules brand.

Crafted from the finest quality materials, their eyewear really does let you wear the British countryside - in style.

Ted Baker at NHK Opticians

best of british

Packed with floral prints and abstract detail, our Ted Baker eyewear range offers a true taste of great British design. Each frame is both fresh and yet also traditional in it's approach with high quality materials and finishes used throughout.

william morris

What could be more quintessentially British than William Morris? Renowned for their floral prints and sense of Englishness, our range merges classic style with a hint of nostalgic retro. Their black edition models are all hand-crafted to the highest standards.

british with attitude

Alexander McQueen has gained a reputation for having a distinctive edge to his design work and his eyewear is no exception. Attention to detail is amazing with his current range featuring his iconic skull theme with intricate motifs on each frame. 

Alexander McQueen at NHK Opticians
Johann Von Goisern at NHK Opticians

dare to be different

Looking for some thing different? Like to stand out in the crowd? Introducing the fabulous eyewear of Austrian frame maker Johann von Goisern. Every frame is a marvel of colour, precision hand-crafted beauty and each frame is truly unique. 

Available to view at our Crownhill practice.


quintessentially italian

You know it's something special when you can trace its heritage back for a century. Introducing our new range from renowned Italian design house Gucci.

Stunning hand-crafted quality from a brand you can trust.

Available to view at Crownhill, right now!

Gucci Eyewear at NHK Opticians
Wolf Eyewear at NHK Opticians

discover your wild side

This family owned British eyewear brand caught our eye with their classic and yet edgy design.

If you are looking for something a little different and also want to "keep it British" . . . look no further than our new

Wolf Eyewear range.

lightweight perfection

Silhouette are renowned for the use of pure titanium in their ultra lightweight rimless eyewear. If you're looking for unobtrusive glasses that you can hardly feel on - look no further . . .

We also stock a limited selection of their precious metal frames fashioned in 24kt white gold and sterling silver.

tom ford

We are so excited to offer the brand new Tom Ford range at our Crownhill practice. Beautifully designed and crafted to perfection. In stock and on display right now . . .

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David Beckham

sports eyewear

Whatever your sport, we're sure to have prescription sports eyewear for it. From lightweight, high contrast cycling frames and protective contact sports googles to swimming goggles and ski masks. All our sports eyewear is supplied with appropriate impact resistance lenses as standard.

Female Skiier
Work Eyewear at NHK Opticians

protection at work

Working with many local companies, we've built up a solid  reputation for high-quality, durable workplace safety eyewear.

All eyewear is BS kite-marked and available at special rates for corporate customers. Our safety eyewear is also ideal for those that are serious about their DIY.

protection at home

Our ranges of workplace safety eyewear are also available for home use. The ideal solution for the workshop, garage or garden, they provide the same reassuring standard of protection, complete with your prescription.

Tool Bench

exceptional iris membership

Included with all our contact lenses and optional for glasses only wearers, our unique Iris membership saves you up to 30% on the eyewear you love, covers your appointments, allows you to spread-the-cost, interest free, provides eyewear cover and host of other great benefits, only available from us. 

Iris Membership at NHK Opticians