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revolutionary vision correction

EyeDream is the perfect solution for people who suffer from mild to moderate myopia (short-sightedness)


vision correction while you sleep

For successful wearers, EyeDream is quite simply a revelation. Imagine having clear, natural vision during the day without needing to wear glasses or contact lenses.

EyeDream, a form of orthokeratology (Ortho-K) that  corrects your vision while you sleep. Simply remove the custom lenses upon waking and enjoy a world of clear, natural vision throughout the day.

EyeDream is non-invasive, safe, effective and has transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world.

how does it work?

The cornea plays a key role in creating a sharp optical focus. EyeDream - advanced ortho-k lenses - gently reshape the curvature of the cornea overnight, creating a slightly flatter profile.

Upon waking, the slight change (less than half the width of a human hair) in cornea curvature is enough to create clear, sharp vision for the duration of the day.

EyeDream uses a tried-and-tested design and is only ever prescribed by a trained optician.

myopia control

Numerous studies have indicated that Ortho-K lenses, such as EyeDream, can dramatically slow the progression of short-sightedness (myopia) in children - subsequently reducing the risk of developing associated problems, such as glaucoma, in adulthood.

And because they are only worn at night and at home, EyeDream lenses offer children and parents many other benefits.

not just for children

Although EyeDream is often marketed as a vision correction option for children, it's just as effective for adults.

iris membership - included with eyedream orthok

exceptional iris membership

Included with all our contact lenses and optional for glasses only wearers, our unique Iris membership saves you up to 30% on the eyewear you love, covers your appointments, allows you to spread-the-cost, interest free, provides eyewear cover and host of other great benefits, only available from us.