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Our commitment to providing the level of service you expect includes our association with local hearing specialists bloom™. Patients can benefit from a free, no-obligation audiology assessment in familiar surroundings, at one of our practices. 

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Starting a conversation about hearing loss can be difficult, especially when it's with a loved one. It is however important to do as the longer you leave hearing loss untreated, the more significant loss becomes. Scientific studies have also concluded that hearing loss can significantly increase the risk of dementia.

next generation technology

Our experience as optometrists is very similar to that of the audiologists at bloom™; if new technology is available and it offers tangible benefits, we think you should be given the opportunity to consider all the options.

You'll discover that bloom are at the forefront of audiology technology that delivers real benefits.

Signia Pure Charge&Go X

Discover the astonishing new rechargeable hearing aids from Signia. Stay connected with bluetooth integration that lets you stream phone calls, music and TV audio straight to your ears. The Signia app offers full control over all your personal preferences and access to remote support, whenever you need it. With a full day's ultra-durable hearing performance after a full charge of just 3 - 4 hours and a fast charging option that provides up to 6 hours use after only 30 minutes, we're confident you'll hear the difference.

world-class service

We are proud to associate ourselves with bloom hearing specialists because they have the same commitment to exceptional customer service and support. Maybe it's time hear the difference and it all starts with a complimentary hearing assessment at NHK Opticians.

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