the right lenses

As part of our visual task analysis, we look into every aspect of your vision requirements and prescription. Our initial recommendations are always based on the very best lens options currently available; the aim being to provide you with the sharpest possible vision. From personalised digital varifocal and degressive lenses to some of the toughest coating technologies available, you'll discover a world of high-tech lens options that really do help you see the difference.  

exceptional clarity

achieving the very sharpest possible vision


imagine a world where your glasses never mist up . . .

Before Covid, misted up glasses were a seldom annoyance, but with more of us wearing face masks, it's becoming the new norm. Optifog's unique anti-mist system combines two patented technologies: a lens treatment and a smart cloth with anti-mist molecules that activate the power of your Optifog lenses.

Available now on selected lens products . . .

not all lenses are the same


It's common to consider all spectacle lenses as being equal, but this is certainly not the case, especially where coating durability, manufacturing process and lens characteristics are concerned. 

As with most things in life - with lenses, you really do get what you pay for . . .

the toughest coatings

With most lenses now being made from resin not glass, it's important to protect your investment with a good quality coating.

Our Premium lenses feature the most advanced multi-layer coatings currently available that include: Broadband Anti-reflection, scratch and abrasion resistance, oleophobic (grease repellent), hydrophobic (water resistant) and wipe-clean coatings. Our latest lenses also include the world's first clear 100% UV block.

Hoya HiVisionLongLife

Up to 3 Year Warranty

Crizal SapphireUV

the thinnest lenses

No one should have to put up with thick, unsightly lenses anymore! Most of our lens options are available in high-index materials that are up to 40% thinner with a far flatter appearance; your lenses are lighter, look nicer and provide improved peripheral vision.

better peripheral vision

With stronger prescriptions or higher degrees of astigmatism (irregular cornea surface), peripheral vision can be an real issue. We offer a wide range of specially manufactured bi-aspheric lenses that compensate for your prescription by subtly altering the power across the lens surface in all directions.

Normal Lenses


glare reduction for drivers

Don't you just hate the glare from oncoming headlights?

We now offer a range of highly specialised driving lenses, featuring the latest technology that disrupts and deflects glare.

Feed back from wearers has been quite astonishing.

Available in distance only or varifocal options.

reacting to sunlight

A popular alternative to separate prescription sunglasses are our lenses that constantly react to the lighting conditions around you. Available as an option on most of our lenses, you can choose between our regular or extra dark reaction options and select from up to seven different colours; so the lenses match your frame colour, when darkened.

Fashionable Woman

prescription sun protection

On the water, on the slops, in the air or on the cycle path? Whatever your activity we have a lens for it.

Many of our prescription lenses are also available with a specialist tint, polarising filter or mirror coating designed for specific activities.

state-of-the-art manufacturing

Many of our lenses are now manufactured using advanced digital milling techniques rather than surfacing or cast moulding. This is of particular relevance for our personalised varifocal lenses where the technology allows each lens to be uniquely designed and manufactured for each patient. 

varifocal lenses

When you're feed up with separate pairs or just starting out with your first reading prescription . . .

New wearer tuition

90 day non-tolorance warranty

see everything, everywhere

Remember bifocals? with the little piece in the bottom of the lens. Varifocals work in a similar way; you look down to read. However, unlike bifocals, there's no visible segment and you benefit from some middle distance vision as you look down; an ideal option for those who would rather wear just one pair of glasses.

wider is always better

Not all varifocal lenses are the same. Older cast-moulded lenses may be cheaper but they pale into comparison when compared to the latest, personalised, digitally milled varifocals.

You'll experience wider fields of vision, more natural, balanced vision and you'll find them far easier to get used to.

Varilux XSeries   Hoya MyStyle

visual modelling

When you order a pair of personalised varifocals from us you'll notice we take a lot more measurements than you've probably been used to. This extra information is used to build up a virtual model of your visual system to enable the design and manufacture of lenses that are unique to you. 

To summarise - the combined technologies and benefits of our personalised varifocal lenses . . .

Extra measurements

Visual modelling

Digital Machine Milling


Wider fields of vision in close and middle distance

More natural, balanced vision

Less swim effect

Far easier to get used to

Premium coating technologies

90 day non-tolorance warranty

degressive lenses

It's quite common to find your reading glasses are too strong for computer work or your getting neck ache while wearing varifocals casued by having to lift your head up. Fortunately there's a solution . . .

comfortable workstation clarity

Our degressive lenses are a distant relative to varifocals except, the upper distance vision zone is replaced with your middle distance prescription. This provides you with a wide field of vision for screen work and the extra reading boost, when you look down for close up work.

visual task analysis

When considering a degressive lens, we'll ask quite a few questions about your working environment; number of screens, your sitting position, working distances and the type of work you do. This helps us determine which type of degressive lens will offer you the very best solution.

outstanding iris membership

Included with all our contact lenses and optional for glasses only wearers, our unique Iris membership saves you up to 30% on the eyewear you love, covers your appointments, allows you to spread-the-cost, interest free, provides eyewear cover and host of other great benefits, only available from us. 


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