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exceptional optometry

After nearly forty years in practice, I know it's only through talking with my patients that I really get to know them and their requirements. My patients like to know what I'm doing throughout the examination so explaining each stage in a clear, understandable language helps put them at ease. Like most of my fellow colleagues here, I've never been one for rushing to the outcome and much prefer to gradually arrive at the result once we're both in agreement about the way forward.  

peter noakes

FC Optom   Director

Enhanced Eye Examination

We strongly recommend our gold-standard Enhanced Eye Examination because you receive a comprehensive examination, 3D OCT scan of the back of your eyes, retinal imaging and in-depth advice on the outcome of your visit.

Enhanced Eye Examinations start from £79.50 for Private Patients and £40 for NHS Patients.

Standard Eye Examination

Some patients may not require an Enhanced Eye Examination due to age or the absence of any known eye conditions or health issues, in which case, our Standard Eye Examination with retinal imaging should prove adequate.

Starting from £49.50 for Private Patients 

and £10 for retinal imaging for NHS Patients.

we offer a lot more than just eye examinations . . .

really getting to know you . . .

By taking our time to fully build up a true understanding of your vision and lifestyle requirements, we can offer recommendations that work perfectly, for you . . .

Your previous eyewear, expectations and budget are all taken into account, so that you end up with an vision correction solution that truly meets all your requirements.

Eye Exams at NHK Opticians

NHS services

We provide a wide range of NHS funded optical services including: sight tests, diabetic screening, emergency minor eye conditions service, post-cataract checkups, glaucoma screening, intra-ocular-pressure checks and referrals to see an NHS consultant.

optical coherence tomography

OCT imaging is a 3D scan of the back of your eye. It's the same technology hospitals use because it can diagnose eye conditions and disease far earlier, often before you have any symptoms. OCT is included with our Enhanced Eye Examinations or available privately.

high-resolution retinal photography

Regular new retinal images allow us to study your retina in incredible detail and review your images against previous visits. This provides an invaluable tool for the early detection of many common eye conditions; allowing us to refer you to a specialist at the earliest opportunity.

corneal topography

If you are considering a vision correction therapy like EyeDream Ortho-K, you'll experience our advanced corneal topography; a technology for mapping the surface curvature of your cornea in incredible detail. This data is then used by our lens supplier to manufacturer your Ortho-K lenses.

looking after young eyes

Our junior Examinations are gentle and informative for the accompanying parents or guardians and they are fully funded by the NHS. Regular check-ups for children should ideally start on or around the time they start school.

therapeutic optometry

Colorimetry is a proven vision therapy using coloured overlay sheets and precision tinted prescription lenses to help with undiagnosed reading difficulties. Jumping words? problems tracking lines of text? visual stress? Colorimetry could help . . .

contact lenses

Our flexible approach to fitting lenses helps you decide which option best suit your lifestyle and budget. We also think you'll find our pricing pretty competitive, especially with the added savings and benefits you receive with our unique Iris Membership.

private DVLA screening

For drivers with underlying vision deflects, we understand that having confirmation that you can continue driving is very important to you. We also know you will want an accurate assessment with the results promptly sent to the DVLA. We now offer this service on a private basis.

Please contact us for more information.


myopia control

Shortsightedness or myopia can start at around 6 - 13 years of age and continue to get progressively worse during early adulthood. We are now able to offer a number of therapies designed to slow the progression of myopia and the reduce the long-term risks associated with high myopia.

Discover more about our myopia control options . . .

visual task analysis

Looking in detail at your work, home and leisure activities allows us to make vision correction recommendations that fully satisfy all your lifestyle requirements. Visual task analysis is included with our Premium Enhanced Eye Examinations or available separately.

Corporate eyewear

corporate eyecare

Working with many local companies, we've built up a solid  reputation for efficient, high-quality vocational screening.

Using our visual task analysis, employers ensure their staff have the appropriate vision correction to maintain productivity. Clinical services are supplemented with a range of affordable eyewear options.


dry eye management

Tear film disfunction effects most of us in later life but it can also occur at anytime due to environmental conditions.

Ongoing dry, itchy and soar eyes can be very unpleasant, so our aim is to initially relieve your symptoms and then work towards a long-term range of therapies

coping with low vision

For those with especially poor vision, we offer an holistic approach to solving some of the every-day issues that prove so challenging with low vision. From simple hand-held magnifiers to the latest digital technology, we offer a wide range of options. Available in-practice or at home.


complimentary hearing tests

We've teamed up with local hearing specialists bloom, to offer you free hearing tests within our practices. Give us a call and will arrange for one of their audiologists to get in touch and arrange your free appointment.


there are plenty of good reasons to visit us . . .

exceptional iris membership

Included with all our contact lenses and optional for glasses only wearers, our unique Iris membership saves you up to 30% on the eyewear you love, covers your appointments, allows you to spread-the-cost, interest free, provides eyewear cover and host of other great benefits, only available from us.