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Contact Lens Trials at NHK Opticians
Contact Lens Trials

Discover the freedom of clear vision without glasses . . .

Why choose us for your first lenses?

Our flexible approach to fitting lenses helps you decide which options best suit your lifestyle and budget. We're confident that you'll also find our pricing pretty competitive, especially with the added savings and benefits you receive with our inclusive Iris Membership.

Contact lenses and children

We do fit some children with contact lenses however, unless there is a compelling reason to do so such as for sport or clinical reasons, we generally would rather wait until their early teens.

Areas such as ability to handle the lenses and a mature attitude to wearing lenses are always taken into account.

Parents are required to attend all their appointments and support their child during the insertion and removal tuition sessions.

Contact Lenses for children ata NHK Opticians
Contact Lenses at NHK Opticians
Contact lenses and the NHS

It is very rare for the NHS to fund the fitting or supply of contact lenses. As such, new-wearer trials and the supply of contact lenses is done purely on a private basis.

Before your first visit

Before you can start a first time contact lens trial with us, you will require an up-to-date prescription.
For children and young adults, a parent or guardian must attend each visit.

First visit
Getting to know you

Our contact lens practitioner will want to discover why you would like to try contact lenses and when you'll wear them. We'll go over the various options; types of lens, what's involved in looking after them and answer any initial questions you may have.

Suitability assessment

Once we're happy that contact lenses are a good idea for you, it's time to check your eyes. We'll be looking at the health of your cornea, your eyelids, the tear film that covers your eyes and taking a closer look at your prescription. Depending on our initial assessment about the lens type for you, we'll take some detailed measurements of the surface curvature of your eyes.

First or second visit
Wearing your first lenses

Depending on the type, make and fitting parameters we've determined, we may initially offer to insert a pair of contact lenses for you to try. You'll experience clear vision for the first time without glasses while we look closely at how the lenses perform. If we however need to order a specific pair of trial lenses for you, we'll stop at this point and book a follow-up appointment for you to return and try your first lenses in.

Learning to handle your lenses

We want to be sure you can handle your first lenses; put them in, take them out and care for them, before we let you leave. We often schedule the tuition session during your second visit and if it takes a little longer to grasp, don't worry you're welcome to pop back in to practice until you've mastered it. 

Your final visit
Confirming the fit

Your final visit is to check the fit, stability and vision correction of your new lenses. We'll want to know how you have got on with your new form of vision correction? how long have to been able to wear them each day? and have they been comfortable?
We'll check you eyes to ensure you are tolerating the lenses and discuss any issues or further questions.

Decision time

Once we are happy, you'll be asked to sign off as a new contact lens wearer. At this point, we will discuss the options available to you, along with monthly prices.
We ask all out contact lens wearers to join our Iris Membership Programme to ensure we can continue to provide you with aftercare and a great range of other benefits.

Membership - included with all our contact lenses . . .

First-time contact lens trials included . . .

Join our membership and you can have a free contact trial and save up to 30% off daily contact lenses. Plus add your lens and solution charges to your membership for one simple monthly payment and enjoy inclusive eyecare and our unique comprehensive eyewear cover . . .

Membership at NHK Opticians
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