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Dry Eye Management at NHK Opticians
Dry Eye Management

Bringing relief from the symptoms of dry and sore eyes . . .

Why are my eyes dry?

The surface of your eyes are constantly bathed in thin layers of liquid that provide oxygen, moisture, protection and lubrication when blinking. We can cope with short disruptions to these layers; windy days, swimming, air conditioned rooms or dry environments however, long-term changes to the make up of these layers can have far-reaching consequences for our ocular health.

Chronic dry eye disease becomes far more prevalent as we get older but mild conditions  can still be a real nuisance at any age, especially if caused by external factors such as working in an air-conditioned office.

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Soothing the symptoms . . .

There are plenty of products on the market that provide temporary relief from the effects of dry eyes however, they rarely provide a cure and, require constant on-going use.

For long-lasting relief, only detailed analysis of your tear film and a thorough assessment of the likely causes will provide the answers that allow us to prescribe the correct type of treatment and/or therapies. Ongoing monitoring is also essential to ensure your dry eye disease is kept at bay.

Dry Eye Management at NHK Opticians

An initial dry eye assessment allows for in-depth discussion about your symptoms, risk factors and examination of your tear film. We use a combination of diagnostic tests to establish which parts of your tear film are affected. 

Initial Treatment

The first step to effective relief from dry eye is often a combination of specific targeted eye drops and a second therapy such as a heat mask. Unlike off-the-shelf eye drops, the results of our initial assessment normally dictate which type of treatment is likely to be the most effective.

Dry Eye Drops at NHK Opticians
Dry Eye
Ongoing aftercare

Maintaining effective control of your symptoms is vital and only achieved with regular reviews of your treatment and therapies. 


 Our dry eye appointments always include a follow-up visit.


As we get older, the glands in our eyelids can become blocked and various skin conditions such as Rosacea and Dermatitis can lead to Blepharitis, a particularly unpleasant condition.


We offer a wide range of treatments and therapies to help however, Blepharitis cannot be fully cured.

Blepharitis Treatment
Dry Eye at NHK Opticians
Dry Eye Management Fees

Although some initial assessment is possible during a routine Eye Examination, to make a full assessment and treatment plan, you'll require a full Dry Eye appointment, with planned follow-up visits.

Private Initial Dry Eye Appointment - £39.50

Private Dry Eye Follow-up - £19.50

Dry Eye Appointments included . . .

Members on our highest level enjoy all their professional fees fully included within their membership. Plus there's some great discounts on dry eye drops . . .

Membership at NHK Opticians
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