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Junior Sports at NHK Opticians
Junior Sports

Protection for young eyes . . .

Junior sports 

It's gradually becoming mandatory with junior sports like football and rugby for children who normally wear glasses to instead wear sports protective eyewear. We offer a number of options including RFU accredited sports eyewear, also suitable for football, and daily contact lenses for slightly older children.

Impact damage to the upper bridge of nose from contact with the ball.
Cheek bone damage from impact with the ball
Damage to frame or loss of lenses resulting in wearer being unable to see or continue playing
Damage to the ears from impact with the ball
The Risks

With Health & Safety becoming an increasingly important factor in many youth sports, football is certainly no exception. Although not strictly a full contact sport, there are still plenty of instances when young players will come into contact with one another as well as the ball. With a growing proportion of children and young adults now wearing glasses, there's a high probability that one or more of the team is a regular glasses wearer. 

Option 1 - protective goggles

Our junior sports protective goggles are designed to provide best levels of protection for young wearers; complying with all current regulations, including RFU accreditation. High impact polycarb prescription lenses, the same as industrial safety eyewear, are used throughout

Option 2 - contact lenses

Ideally suited for older children able to handle contact lenses, they provide far more natural peripheral vision. 

High impact polycarbonate frame with no metal parts or screws
Rubber impact resistant saddle bridge provides support and improved protection
Clip together parts designed to resist impact damage
Temple support provides protection from side impacts
Removable elastic head strap keeps glasses in place
Soft rubberised end tips support and protect the ears
Ventilation port reduces steaming up
Some models come with a full sized elasticated head strap to keep the glasses firmly in place.
Junior rugby

We are proud to offer an RFU accredited version of the popular Leader2 sports goggle. The RFU version replaces the traditional sides with an integral head strap and additional temple support pads. For slightly older children we often advise considering contact lenses instead of goggles.

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