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Visual Task Analysis at NHK Opticians
Visual Task Analysis

Ensuring you have the correct type of eyewear . . .

Visual task analysis

It truly astonishing just how many of our new patients expect to be simply told their glasses need updating. No one has ever enquired as to whether their glasses actually meet all their vision requirements. This especially appears to be the case for some varifocal wearers; believing their glasses can and should do everything when in reality, their work or leisure activities necessitate the need for other mulit-task glasses.

Qualified experience

Clinically trained to degree level, our Dispensing Opticians have one goal - to fully understand how you interact with your eyewear throughout every aspect of your life from work, home, hobbies, leisure and sport activities to how you cope with bright sunlight and night time glare when driving.

Using technology

We use a variety of software tools and devices to assess different aspects of your vision, from taking super accurate measurements to plotting your head and eye movements when your read. Our findings help support the recommendations we make.
These devices also allow us to send complex measurements and data directly to manufactures of our most advanced varifocal lenses.

Our best ever multi-task lens

It is often clear, after a discussion with you, that more than just normal is required. Our iD Workstyle 3 mulit-task lens from Hoya is personalised to your specific vision requirements which means you'll get the very best indoor vision tailored to your individual working and wearing conditions.

iD Workstyle at NHK Opticians
Styling consultation

Who doesn't want to look amazing in their new eyewear? and this is why we always guide you through the frame selection process. 

You'll receive one-to-one impartial advice on the ideal shape, design, size and colour of frame that best suits your natural features. Together we'll discover which frames provide ultimate comfort while also being suitable for your prescription and lifestyle.

Up to 30% discount on multi-task lenses . . .

Join our membership and you'll save up to 30% off multi-task lenses and new frames. Plus enjoy inclusive eyecare and our unique comprehensive eyewear cover . . .

Membership at NHK Opticians
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